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Hope with Direction

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Begetting Progress for a Better Life

             Seeing about and for ourselves can be challenging and compelling in the course of our lives. How do we know what is enough? Even more importantly, what are the increments by which we perceive stability in our being and creative potential in our psyche? If, by the manifestation of good in our lives, we are repelling angst, anger, sadness, and agitation, there begins to be a safe harbor of identity that goes beyond the simple idea of personality in our lives.

Patience…can hold a moment by which we see our bearings fixed and our concerns validated, our confidence upheld and our vital sense of worth reinforced. Patience compels us to act in cohesion with our immediate needs. Seeing through the blinds of distraction, anger, or what-ifs to manifest our belief in what is the correct course of action belongs also to patience. Beyond limits, our potential for understanding is derived from the amount of patience we project within ourselves.

Perseverance…is an achievement of character that bestows confidence, alternatives, and purpose; perseverance is distress tolerance on a grand scale, both motivation to succeed and a crucial defense against antagonism. Though the merit of purpose is felt externally from the sphere of perseverance itself, purpose cohabits the realm of destiny and the realm of conscience. Purpose is control that reaches beyond immediate limitations. In addition, our conscience provides fruitful alternative choices in the medium of perseverance. Confidence reaches out as the nectar of conscious perseverance.

Resilience…is not the absence of failed opportunity, nor is it the lack of setbacks; rather, collectively, it is beyond strength and virtue alone, even beyond the making of coherent choices revolving around the nature of our beings. Resilience is the solidarity and great durability. Sometimes resilience is confronted by temper and coolness, but it always serves independence and desire for good. Resilience is centered in discipline, hope, faithfulness, and drive. Keeping our truest selves to our truest opportunity, meeting expectation with strengthened resolve and due convictions, resilience is a blessing maintained by good works.