Un-stranding the Impromptu

Peace. That’s what pulls us gratefully, by hope, instrumentally through the common life of America 2015. Wake up to your favorite NPR, Conservative, Liberal, Talk Radio, Good Morning, America, in some rare instances, it has reported that people walk to their driveway in minimal attire to retrieve a piece- rather, many- large folded sheets with words on them, and this is called a newspaper. My point is, what if you got up and thought about you?

Studies, not cited, pertaining credible evidence suggest that spending 5 minutes of fully-awake, intentional silence at the beginning of your day  can reduce stress by 15%. I don’t know what that would add up to in your life, but for me that’s about all the reduction I need to be highly productive, cheerful, and devoted. It also allows for a healthy amount of stress to motivate, speculate, or rescucitate one’s values. You’ll probably feel moments where you are spontaneously revisited by your calm, and after first experiencing it in the morning, you may repulse at some point from broadcast news as they continue to try and appear as important as they wish they were. Peace. On some other Thursday night, I would evict my passion for mindfulness, but that isn’t scheduled yet…Instead of trying to define peace, I’m going to write a prosaic equation for how to make it:

self-intentioned goodness + other-purposed optimism + sustained obligations + awareness of Love + belief in you = Peace.

I lost the old recipe from when I was a little boy, but this is a basic walk-in-the-park word for the wired. Simple is as simple does, but I prefer ‘Tis the gift to be simple is the Gift to be free”. For believers, prayer can bring strength, hope and and blessing- BELIEVE in what you pray–all the way home. God will bless you according to his will. Peace out-


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